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WEE Details

The Format

This is an informal series of events aimed at providing some local mid-week competitive courses, focusing on the social side.

Starts will be between 6.45pm and 7:30pm sharp. No starts will be available after 7:30pm.

Courses will also be closing at 8:30pm sharp and controls lifted from this time onwards. If you think you'll be out longer than 60 minutes please come along early! The reason for closing courses at 8:30pm is due to fading light and safety issues. In particular check the times for the August events as they may start and finish even earlier.

There will be helpful advice and coaching available for new-comers at every event.

The cheapest entry fees are obtained by pre-entering online. This enables us to estimate map numbers to be printed and also eases the volunteer tasks to be done on the night. The pre-entry fees for 2013 are 2.50 for juniors (16 and under), 3.50 for senior members, and 4.50 for senior non-members. This equates to a £1.50 discount (£1 for juniors) if you pre-enter online. If you enter and pay on the night of the event, the fees will be 3.50 for all juniors, and 5 for senior members, and £6 for senior non-members . The entry fee will include a pre-printed map and also hire of a SportIdent Card (also know as a SI Card or dibber) if required for the night.

A family rate was introduced in 2012. The family rate is the equivalent to paying for 2 adults and one junior. The second and subsequent juniors will effectively get free entry. Thus a family member rate of £9.50, and a non family rate of £11.50 will apply for pre entries. The family rate on the night will be £13.50 members and £15.50 non-members.


The events can be treated as either Park-O for the experienced orienteer, a come-and-try it for the new comer, or a simple walk in the park for anyone!

The plan is for two events to be available each night: a short and a long course. The short course will be of an easy 'yellow' type standard of 1.5 - 2.0km distance. The longer and harder 'light green' type course will be approximately 4.0km depending on the area, though probably somewhat shorter in the park venues.

The Points

A separate winner will be declared for each of the 3 series. Points will be awarded depending on performance, and the best 3 out of 4 (or 4 out of 5) from each series will be used to determine the winner, so if you have to miss a week you will still be in contention.

The aim of the handicapped points system is to enable everyone to compete on an equal footing. Each competitor will be allocated a Percentage Adjustment Factor depending on their age class.

Thus if your age class is an M40 (men aged 40-44), the adjustment factor will be 90%. If you take 30 minutes to run a race, your handicap time is 30 minutes x 90% = 27 minutes. This handicap time will be used to work out the order for points.

If you do not indicate your age class on the registration slip, then the handicap time will equal your actual course time. The winner each evening on both courses will be awarded 100 points. Second place gets 99 points, 3rd place gets 98 points and so on.

If you require more information for a particular event, you can find it here.

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