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Event 4: Antrim Castle

DateWed 22nd May Online entries closed at midnight Mon 20th May
OrganiserLyle Fleming
PlannerGeoffrey Collins

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Post-Event Report

A big thankyou to everyone that came along to support our Antrim event. Things don't often run entirely smoothly, as our planner discovered entrances closed that were supposed to be open – but with the help of a black biro to make adjustments the maps were soon corrected. The weather was kind to allow enough for almost everyone to finish before the showers came on.

Thanks too to all the volunteers without whom these events couldn't be run – to Geoffrey for his courses and for doing the starts, to Stephen & Carys for taking care of the computers in the MOO, and to Wilbert, Alan and Declan for their contributions at starts, control collecting, and troubleshooting and to anyone else who helped out a big thanks.

The computers seemed to be playing up by congratulating those that had run the short course with a “well done” but refusing to reveal their times. Eventually after a bit of trial and error, a lot of clicking and some detective work Declan discovered the glitch and got the results to display properly. Thankfully too the local Wednesday evening choir practice finished in time to let the MOO away when the driver of the car that was blocking it in returned.

Just one more WEE in the May Series so hope to see you all at Ballyclare next week aiming to improve those league positions. Remember to get your online entries done to get your discount but also because it really does help with the running of these events.


The fourth of the WEE series moves to the picturesque gardens and surrounding areas of Antrim Castle. This parkland is flat and fast with small but interesting areas of woodland and water.

The 400-year old gardens are undergoing a $6 million restoration. Features include a Motte, a Parterre, the Yew Tree Pond and Pleasure Gardens. The Italianate Tower is the only remaining remnant of Antrim Castle. The tower has been restored and the Castle "footprint" and grand entrance have been marked out. During the restoration features from the original garden have been revealed, including a network of tunnels.

Two courses will be available - Long (3.9km, 18 controls) and Short (1.9km, 15 controls). Going will be soft (but fast) in places with a few areas of undergrowth. The Short course has a few more route decision points than for a yellow course but the legs are short and the parkland is fairly open.

Registration will take place from 6.30 pm, with starts from 7.00 pm until 7:45 pm. The courses will close at 8.30 pm sharp. Parts of the park are locked at night and we need to get controls out of those areas before they get locked in!

Please note that if you pre-enter, you can pick up your control descriptions and proceed directly to the start. If you pre-enter and are hiring a dibber, you can collect it from the MOO. Otherwise, complete the registration form at the MOO and then enter on the night. For safety reasons, please give your name, dibber number and course to the marshal at the Start.

Please note the following safety information (i) The gardens are bisected by an access road to the carpark at the Arts Centre and both courses cross this road (ii) The (fast flowing, unfenced in parts) Six Mile Water river runs through the park (iii) legs may include ascent/descent of hard, unforgiving stone steps - please take care (iv) a large area of the gardens is out-of-bounds due to renovation (v) the main road to the East of the gardens must not be crossed - there is access under the road.

As usual, all are very welcome!


Access is via the A6 Randalstown Road entrance. There is a small carpark at the entrance from which both courses will start. Helpers will be parking in this carpark - would others please continue into the gardens and park at the main carpark. Thank-you.

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