- Thursday 1st January
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Event 2: Botanic Gardens

DateWed 9th May Online entries closed at midnight Mon 7th May
Registration from18:30
OrganiserSharon Shaw (e-mail)
PlannerCecil Armstrong (e-mail)

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Post-Event Report

Phew! Having seen the number of people arriving in a very short period of time at Lady Dixon we were concerned about being swamped. However a last minute call for helpers on Facebook produced a flurry of volunteers. Many thanks to you all.

The main things which kept queues to a reasonable level were Helen gathering contact details in the queue for the MOO, Susan and Olivia doing simultaneous entries on two computers and Phillip ruthlessly despatching runners into the void at 30 second intervals. The pre-entries did help, though we really need many more people to use the it.

It strikes me that the way to get your annual quota of helping done is to do two (or more) events in quick succession. That way you get a system working and you don't get time to forget how to do things. So get involved now - there is still a lot of help needed for coming events.

Botanic / QUB is a great area for fast and furious fun. Most people seemed to enjoy the event and we hear there were a few radical route choices not envisioned by the Planner!

On to Belfast Castle - we'll see how fast the sprinters are up and down the mountain there.

Cecil and Sharon.

PS. Nice to see long-time club stalwart Bill Simpson back at an event, even if we did shut him in the MOO all evening. Thanks Bill.


Welcome to the second event of this summers WEE series - it will be in the familiar grounds of Botanic Gardens and QUB Belfast.

There will be 2 courses - long and short.

As usual, registration opens at 6.30pm, and starts are between 7.00pm and 7.30pm. Courses close at 8.30pm. Park closes 9pm.

Remember to use the new pre-entry feature if possible. Entry on the night will be charged at: Junior member/non-member 3 Senior member/non-member 5.

No need for full leg cover. Please be aware and give way to any vehicles. Most importantly there are a few areas of building work and out of bounds areas marked on the map and please stay off the grass at the main Queens buildings.
If you are bringing a large group it would be extremely helpful if you could email the Organiser or Planner (click on links above) with a list of names of those who will be taking part and whether they will be doing the Short or Long course. It doesn't have to be 100% accurate, but would save long queues on the night.


Registation will be in the PEC car park. Competitors shoud take a token when entering the car park and have it validated in the PEC reception before leaving. There is no charge for a stay of up to 3 hours, after this there is a charge of 5.

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Event details last updated on 9th May at 22:55
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