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Event 12: Lagan Meadows

DateWed 19th Aug Online entries closed at midnight Mon 17th August
Registration from18:15
OrganiserJeff Johnston (e-mail)
PlannerColin Smith (e-mail)

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Post-Event Report

We seem to have had the Orienteering Gods looking out for us at this weeks WEE event so much so that once again just as registration opened the rain stopped and the sun came out. Unfortunately Colin Smith, the planner, was not so lucky when setting out the controls. Colin and Rolo made drowned rats look dry!

These WEE events would not take place without the small army of volunteers that make them happen. Thanks go to this weeks Roll of Honour - Colin as planner, Bill and Ben the MOO MOO men, Janice for non-member registration, Fred for starts, and the control collectors Fraser, Jack, Shaun, Declan and the ever present Conor.

Look forward next week for the final WEE of the year at Lady Dixon Park which will be followed by prize giving for each of the 3 monthly leagues and hot dogs for all. See the event page for further details.


Lagan Meadows situated in South Belfast alongside the River Lagan is a 120 acre park set aside for wildlife and public recreation. The park is made up of woodland, meadows and wetlands with a central region managed as a nature reserve. There are areas of open water(parents of small children please note the water hazard)and seasonal marsh.

Starts will be between 6.45pm and 7:30pm sharp. No starts will be available after 7:30pm.

Courses will also be closing at 8:30pm sharp and controls lifted from this time onwards. If you think you'll be out longer than 60 minutes please come along early.

There will be helpful advice and coaching available for new-comers.

Course Lengths

Full leg cover is recommended. The mild and wet summer has meant that the undergrowth is pretty thick in places. The seasonal marshes are fairly dry though, despite the rain (the extra vegetation must be soaking up the moisture!). Some of the green areas are also opening up, however this is countered by the denser undergrowth along the boundaries with the open areas.

There are some cattle with young calves in the fields at the NE end of the map. Please try to avoid alarming them if you are passing through this area.

Courses pass close to the River Lagan and the old Lagan Canal (marked as uncrossable marsh), as well as some deep ponds. Under no circumstances should competitors attempt to enter or cross any of these water ways.


Parking will be on the road in Knightsbridge Park beside the Belfast YMCA. Knightsbridge Park can be accessed from the Malone Road via Bladon Drive or from the Stranmillis Road via Richmond Park (passed Stranmillis Primary School).

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